National Technical University “Kharkov Polytechnic Institute”

National Technical University “Kharkov Polytechnic Institute”

was founded in 1885 in Kharkov. It was main Institute of Technology. Kharkov Technical University has accreditation IV and status of state University.

The University located in Kharkov. It’s one of the biggest and most beautiful city of Ukraine. Kharkov it’s a student city. More than 20 thousand of international students are studying in Kharkov. Currently, the university enrolled international students more than from 90 countries of Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America.

There is the widest diversity of departments in Russian medium in Kharkov: Mechanical & Technological Department, Mechanical Engineering Department, Power Mechanical Engineering Department, Department for Transport Engineering Industry, Department for Engineering Physics, Department for Computer Science and Management, Economic Department, Department of Business and Finance, Electric Machine Industry, Electric Power Engineering Department, Department for Automatics And Instrument, Department of Computer Science and Information Technologies, Department Technology of Inorganic Substances, Department Technology of Organic Substances, Department of the Integral Technology and Applied Chemistry, Department of Economic Information Science and Management, German Technical Department.

For international students the faculty of Oil And Gas is offered to study in English medium and alternative Pre-University Program – in general called Preparatory Course. It’s designed for adapting international students to local language and culture. At Preparatory courses international students also study few particular subjects and basics of Russian language. After passing exams students will get Preparatory Courses Certificate which allows them to study in Russian medium in any University in Ukraine he/she prefers.

Course English medium Ukrainian medium Accommodation
Oil and Gas Management 3300 USD 3000 USD 500-1000 USD
Preparatory course 1500 USD 500-1000 USD

Kharkov Polytechnic University has different facilities with well-developed infrastructure, which allows organizing educational process, scientific research, and comforting life condition (accommodation, increasing health and treatment with individual approach for every student).

The huge campus of the University covers 13 hostels for 8000 students seats, 7 buildings of Kharkov Polytechnic University in the city center, Kharkov Palace of students with dance and exhibition halls, a modern sports complex, two swimming pools and tennis courts, 14 gyms, fitness Camp, student hospital with 100 seats, a dining room for 1,700 seats, a modern library of 2 million books, free Internet.

There are many places for young people for rest and leisure like parks, squares, cinemas, theatres, entertainment centers, restaurants and café with national Indian, Arabic, Turkish, Asian, Italian cuisine. Kharkov is a multinational city where more than 2 million people work and study.

Academic year starts in September and will stay open for registration on the 1st course till the 15th of November. This is the last date when you can arrive in Ukraine as international student to study on the 1st course. Before this you need to get admission confirmation, invitation latter and student visa to enter Ukraine. The academic year consists of 2 semesters. There are winter and summer holidays, when a student can go back home for a couple of months.

National Technical University “Kharkov Polytechnic Institute” welcomes international students to apply and study in Ukraine and get higher education accredited all over the world!